Serving Our Community

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." -Mohandas Gandhi

The Center for Animal Wellness is honored to be able to help our community by promoting and modeling the ethical, responsible, and humane treatment of all sentient beings.

DPD Safe Place: We are proud to be the first business in the city and county of Denver to register for this program! This is a program sponsored by the Denver Police Department to partner with the community for the purpose of assisting victims of crime (specifically anti-LGBTQ bias-motivated crimes). The program's purpose is to encourage reporting of these crimes, reduce anti-LGBTQ bullying and harassment by public awareness, and provide a physically safe place for victims of crime, while they await the arrival of police.

Denver Declaw Ban: Our owner, Dr. Lavizzo, was an integral part of making the declawing of cats illegal in the city and county of Denver. Dr. Lavizzo provided city counsel with extensive research on the negative effects that this procedure has on our feline companions. Ultimately, the city council unanimously voted to ban the procedure.

Good Samaritan Fund: Founded in 1993, thanks to the help of a special client with a big heart, the Good Samaritan Fund has helped many families and pets in need. All donations are used to help our patients and clients with urgent cases during times of hardship.

If you would like to donate to our Good Samaritan Fund to help needy cats and dogs in our community, please contact any team member.

Please Note: We will be opening at 9 AM on Thursday, 5/23, due to a staff meeting.